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   Thai Trade Service B.V. is a Netherlands + Thailand based company, which started in 1995 to service customers in Europe. International commodity traders and logistic specialists in Europe and Thailand, China and Vietnam joined forces with several middle size manufacturers to optimize the supply of a broad range of products against competitive prices according to legal and customers' specifications.

We offer services in:
  •  Sourcing all kinds of long shelflife food products manufactured in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, India or P.R. China from our allied suppliers or others;
  • Selecting the most competitive prices among various suppliers;
  • Reporting market information to our interested customers;
  • Inspecting quality of goods during the production and before the delivery;
  • Controlling the time schedule of the merchandise delivery to meet your specific requirement till Duty Paid Delivered warehouse of the customer on call inclusive design of a private label.

One of our points of interest is to inform our customers and other interested partners about quality specifications, product background AND the other possibilities available, but for the moment not offered in big quantities. One of our points in this will be product development according to new specifications to be set up together with our customers Also we want to inform the consumer about product background, what to do with ..., and links to recipe websites.

Thai Trade Service

Main Office: Thai Trade Service B.V. - Waterviolier 3 - 4823MA Breda , The Netherlands
Tel:+31 76 544 90 23 -Fax:+31 76 544 90 27 ; skype: harryromijn
Thai office: Lumpini Ville, B-Bldg, 21 Floor, room 615/258, Lumpini Sukhumvit Soi 77,
Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, Mobile: + 6681-9193355, tel / fax: +66 2 331 7801, skype:wanmeephon
email: Europe: info @ or Thailand: wanmeephon @